Friday, 27 January 2012


Te laptop went bam!
Lots of back and forth with the company. So have another.
Knee has been going from strength to strength.
The climbing came at around day 30. But this I fell may have been too early it felt wobbly and under strength.
Another month was had down the gym and then started.

Now I'm bouldering indoors about once a week and have been out side a few times, more due to poor weather than anything to do with the knee.
I am still having to keep up with the squats, side squats and leg extensions. This along with the balance work. If I let this slip the knee starts to get sore after a couple of weeks.

I completed the Inca trail in 2.5 days with full pack of 15kg. which isn't bad. The knee held up well.

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  1. Hi there,

    Your knee seems to be in pretty nice shape after careful rehab.
    Here's discussion of Actifit in treating meniscal tears ->;all .

    Good luck with your knee :-)