Friday, 18 March 2011

Day Twenty Three

The training in the gym has been going well over the last few days. Knee is clicking less, still have a few deep clicks though. Been addicted to the Chris Moyles radio show on the red button on BBC 1. He's been awake for 50+ hours, now that's will power. I'm doing lots of proprioceptive training (balance). The knee itself is still a bit wobbly and week in loaded descent IE coming down stairs it gets so far and just lets go. I've been targeting this with short squats on the squat machine in the gym. Now up to 40kg in control. But the target is about 75% body weight. For me 75kg. That will take another 2 weeks training every day I think.
Have been walking Louis dog for half an hour the last 4 days and my knee feels hot after it but response well to ice. In the pool swimming front crawl is a chore, can do one length the have to rest it. Been doing isolation kicks in the pool trying just to get the strength endurance back up.

Sadly my knee is not stable enough yet to climb on. I've got to get it to the point where its strong and stable before subjecting it to the high forces put through it in climbing.

I'll post my new range of motion pics in a bit.

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