Friday, 25 February 2011

day three

Range of movement was the order of the day. Now yesterday I could only move my leg about 30 degrees. The white bits in the above photo are tendons and ligaments. Now when you can't move your leg they go stiff quickly. So the tight spots for me at the moment are the iliotibial tract, the long white band on the left side of the picture as you look at it, and the quadricep femori tendon, white bit on the picture above the patella or knee cap. Stretching these does hurt but it shouldn't be painful. I lie on my back on the floor and pull my left foot up the floor towards my bum, then hold for 10 secs before returning it to the start point. I'm doing 5 reps 3 sets. Am also lying on my back pointing my leg in the air and letting it drop down in controlled state from the knee.
Here are the results

The supplements

I'm taking arnica 2 pillules every 2 hrs to help reduce the swelling and heal the bruising.
Glucosamine, chondroitin, msm with collagen to aide the meniscus in any way I can, meniscus doesn't lend its self to regrowth unless its at the meniscal rim, the only area with a blood supply, my consultant said but others say different so I'm gonna take them anyway.
I get the arnica from "holland and barretts" and the other stuff from "good health naturally" online. Now I'm taking a multi vitamin and high strength cod liver oil as well.

The icing is on going 15 mins every hour.
I have just realised that I have over 700 channels on my sky TV package and they are all crap. So its on with the box sets form now on. 24 is in at the moment.
The fingerboard hanging from the beam in my dinning room is looking tempting, but I'm gonna hold off till Monday on that one.
The pain in the night is easing off but I do get very sore after my physio and stretches. Helen, bless her, has gone for some more painkillers for me as I'm out. Sitting with it unsupported is not good as it stresses my knee and aches.
But all in all it looks promising.

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