Thursday, 24 February 2011

day two

Just got back from the physio and it doesn't look that bad. They say its because the knee was strong before the op. So went through the motions of seeing how far it would bend before I felt pain and its about 30 degrees. Standing upright with no crutches and trying to put equal amounts of weight on both legs, went light headed at this point.
So just continue with my straight leg raises and light bending movements  with some mobility and I go back next week. Should be on one crutch by then and possible driving, which would be nice as I'm going mad.
Reading Ron Fawcett's book Rock Athlete which is good. Just looking out of the window onto a sunny day makes me want to be outdoors but have to bide my time. Anyway here is a picture of my knee today.

The plasters are covering the "portals" where they go into the knee with the arthroscope.

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