Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Day Eight

Here's my sexy knee again. As you can tell by the redness this is right after icing. I am beginning to see the outline of my patella, knee cap. The swelling is subsiding and the hard work will soon begin. Flexibility wise it's about where it was in the last photo but it's less painful to do it. I've added in abductor and adductor static leg raises now to help stabilise the knee from side to side.
Walking wise, well Helen is still taking Louis dog on his daily walkies but I can manage to walk with crutches for 10 mins in the garden. This helps get the blood flowing in the knee and gets me used to using it again.
Well 3rd night without the codeine and this time no sweats. The head ache is also easing off I'm trying now to cut the fluid in take down now because hiking up and down the stairs every hour is getting on my nerves. Was a sunny day today, there's hope for the summer yet then.

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