Monday, 7 March 2011

Day Thirteen

Well its been all stations go. The session at the swimming pool went well. Managed 30 mins of walking about. Did 2 sets of 5 mins no load on the exercise bike. Followed by a stint in the spa. Nice. Now my weight target is Going to be 85kg. To do this is going to take a while so I'm setting myself the goal of 95kg by end of April 90kg by end of May and 85kg by end of June. 5 kg a month sounds like a mountain to climb but I'm already only eating twice a day. My junk food has gone out of the window, sadly I fear for all those who work at my local domino's pizza site. Snacking  on fruit has become the norm and to be honest I feel much more content, there are no longer the highs and lows of the sugar rush. This medium to low GI thing really does work!
For my birthday today I got some really good climbing DVDs, from Helen, to keep me motivated. Bless her tiny cotton socks. Watched them this morning and will watch them again tomorrow. Reading a brain training book called "Maximum Climbing" its by my favorite training author Eric Horst. Only read the first chapter but it will help me to create a focused positive training programme. Which is all its about.

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