Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day Ten

Second visit to the physio today. P.T. said It looked good and I was to stop if I felt it start to get hot and apply an ice pack. The dressings came off and here we are
Now I have to start massaging the portals, the two scars on the knee. This is to shift the swelling. The real work starts now though, I'm doing 5 mins with no load on an exercise bike. They gave me the go ahead to start walking in the swimming pool for 20 mins. This involves walking forward, backwards and side to side. You look like a prat but it really helps to get it strong. I'm also doing lots of one legged balancing exercises, standing on the bad leg and moving the good one around whilst signing out the alphabet with your toe. This progresses over the weeks to passing a ball around my back.
The strength training steps up a little aswell now. Resting my back against a ball on the wall I lower myself about 6 inches, 150mm, then back up. Like mini squats but they burn the muscles quite quick. Stretching is now becomming assisted by the other foot assisting the other leg to go further.

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